About Us


Sooryodaya Welfare Society was founded with a dream to educate deprived and underprivileged children who are, despite of effort and facilities given by government and other authorities, still away from the education and such illiterate adults who could not get education in their childhood due to any reason, but still willing to get education at this stage of age.

Sooryodaya society was formed by a like minds group of people who have expertise in their fields like education, electronic media, finance, engineering and management. The motive is to educate people at any cost especially in rural, backward and slum areas.

We in Sooryodaya, believe that only education can eradicate poverty, corruption, superstitious, health consciousness and other ill customs that have grabbed them and don’t let them think independently and logically, which in turn became the hurdle in their progress. The objective is to promote education to the deprived and under privileged children and provide basic education to illiterate adults so that they can easily handle their day-to-day activities in such way that no one can misguide/misuse them due to their inability to read and write. Only education can bring awareness to the individual towards their rights and duties. Only an educated person can lead his/her family towards prosperity. We believe that there is no age bar for learning anything. We have to keep on learning throughout the life.

Apart from education, we are running a campaign for the noble cause of blood and organ donation. We are educating people the benefits of blood and organ donations.

History of society

Sooryodaya Welfare Society is working since 2013 with a motive to educate poor and underprivileged children and adults. Under its flagship programme “I Will Teach”more than 8,000 students have been taught and around 12,000 students are being learning at various states of India.

In addition to this, the society also run a programme “Recycle Yourself” where the people are being motivating on the noble cause of blood and organ donation.

Event Information

Present project: “I Will Teach” is the current project, where we invite such volunteers who can teach to poor or under privileged children, (not going to regular school) and illiterate adults who wish to learn.

Our Mission

To translate our goal into really certain objective has been set up SOORYODAYA and maximum efforts have been taken to translate objective into reality.

Our Vision

SOORYODAYA create a society where there is a prosperity and peace with better quality of living.

Our Message

We can’t do it alone. We regularly need volunteers. If you are looking for a way for meaningful involvement in community service by contribution of your time, talent, energy, skills and resources, we provide you the platform. Just say “Yes, I am a change maker”.


What is mission “I Will Teach”
  • 17.7 million children in India are currently out of school
  • 1 in 4 school going children have dropped out of school
  • 73% of girls do not get past 10 years of school

This programme was launched with an objective to provide basic education to deprived children and adults in rural areas. We provide remuneration to volunteers in the form of:

  • Monthly Financial Help
  • Medical Aid/Accidental Coverage
  • Health Insurance
What is mission “Recycle Yourself”

Under the flagship of Sooryodaya Society, we campaigning and educating people for the benefits of blood and organ donation. So far more than 2500 people had pledged to donate their organ.